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Volume 4 Issue 2

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   Article #	  Article Title & Authors (Volume 4 Issue 2, Sept-2012)       Page
     1.  Prediction Failure for PEM Fuel Cells 1-14
 Vasile Anghel

     2.  Investigating the Role of Reflected Electrons in Multipactor Breakdown 15-24
 for TE10 Mode Configured Rectangular Waveguides
 Akoma Henry E.C.A, Adediran Y.A

     3.  Input-Output Linearizing Control of Pumping Photovoltaic system: 25-37
 tests and Measurements by micro-controller STM32
 Dhafer Mezghani1 and Abdelkader Mami

     4.  A Study of Dynamic Optical Tweezers Generation for Communication 38-45
 I. S. Amiri, A. Shahidinejad, A. Nikoukar, J. Ali, P. P. Yupapin

     5.  Optimizing the Wavelet Parameters to Improve Image Compression 46-52
 Allam Mousa, Nuha Odeh

     6.  Major theories of construction accident causation models: a literature 53-66
 Seyyed Shahab Hosseinian, Zahra Jabbarani Torghabeh

     7.  Optimal Block Replacement Model for Air Conditioners using Higher 67-78
 Order Markov Chains With & Without Inflation
 Y Hari Prasada Reddy, C. Nadhamuni Reddy, K. Hemachandra Reddy

     8.  Speckle Noise Reduction Using 2-D FFT in Ultrasound Images 79-83
 Kamalpreet Kaur, Baljit Singh and Mandeep Kaur

     9.  Simulation-Based Comparisons of TCP Congestion Control 84-96
 Ehab A. Khalil

    10.  Slot Loaded Electrically Small Rectangular Patch Antenna for 97-102
 MIMO Applications
 Mahesh C. Bhad and Veeresh G. Kasabegoudar

    11.  Application of Satellite Images and Comparative Study of 103-112
 Analytical Hierarchy Process and Frequency Ratio Methods
 to Landslide Susceptibility Mapping in Central Zab Basin, Nw Iran
 H. Shahabi, S. Khezri, B. B. Ahmad and Hamid Allahverdiasl

    12.  Rotational Shifts and Building Blocks based Security Cipher 113-119
 Ch. Rupa, R. Sudha Kishore, P. S. Avadhani

    13.  Comparative Performance Exploration of AODV, DSDV & DSR 120-127
 Routing Protocol in Cluster Based VANET Environment
 Yatendra Mohan Sharma & Saurabh Mukherjee

    14.  Performance Analysis of Optical Ringo Networks 128-137
 Pardeep Kaur

    15.  Multi-Class Traffic Management in 4G Network 138-147
 Damodar Nayak and Rabindra Kumar Dale

    16.  Comparative Analysis of Modified Register Exchange Method and 148-155
 Trace Back Method of Viterbi Decoder for Wireless Communication
 H. Singh, R. K. Vyas and Deepak Raghuvanshi

    17.  Design and Layout of a Robust Low-Power Self-Timed SRAM at 180nm 156-166
 Haripal Kochhar, Subodh Kansal and Sharmelee Thangjam

    18.  VMM Based Constrained Random Verification of an SoC Block 167-172
 Swathi M. Mohan and J. C. Narayana Swamy

    19.  Comparative Study of Data Mining Algorithms for High Dimensional 173-178
 Data Analysis
 Smitha .T, V. Sundaram

    20.  A Comparative Study on Neural Net Classifier Optimizations 179-187
 Subhendu Sekhar Behera, Sangeeta Bhanja Chaudhuri, and Subhagata Chattopadhyay

    21.  A Data Mining Model for Feasibility Analysis of Mineral Projects 188-194
 Jamal Shahrabi, Zohreh Sadat Taghavi

    22.  Static Characteristics of Stiffened Conoidal Shell Roofs under 195-205
 Concentrated Load
 Nibedita Pradhan  and Joygopal Jena

    23.  Combined Impact of Biodiesel (Meno) and Exhaust Gas 206-215
 Recirculation on NOx Emissions in DI Diesel Engines
 B. Jothithirumal, E. James Gunasekaran

    24.  An Improved GA-MILSVM Classification Approach for Diagnosis of 216-227
 Breast Lesions from Stain Images
 P. Tamije Selvy, V. Palanisamy and T. Purusothaman

    25.  Inverse Tangent based Resolver to Digital Converter - A Software 228-235
 S. Chandra Mohan Reddy and K. Nagabhushan Raju

    26.  Hybrid Routing Protocol Simulation for Mobile Ad hoc Network 236-246
 Makarand R. Shahade

    27.  Comparative Study of Non-Local Means and Fast Non –Local Means 247-254
 Algorithm for Image Denoising
 Deepak Raghuvanshi, Hardeep Singh, Pankaj Jain and Mohit Mathur

    28.  Minimum Rule Based PID Sliding Mode Fuzzy Control Techniques for 255-265
 Brushless DC Motor Drives
 C. Navaneethakkannan and M. Sudha

    29.  Feature Based Fusion Approach for Video Search 266-275
 Ameesha Reddy, B. Sivaiah, Rajani Badi, Venkateshwararaju Ramaraju

    30.  Robust Kalman Filtering for Linear Discrete Time Uncertain Systems 276-283
 Munmun Dutta, Balram Timande and Rakesh Mandal

    31.  Energy Conservation in an Institutional Campus: A Case Study 284-291
 Pradeep H. Zunake & Swati S. More

    32.  An Osteoarthritis Classifier using Back Propagation Neural Network 292-301
 Suvarna Mahavir Patil and R.R. Mudholkar

    33.  Framework for Early Detection and Prevention of Oral Cancer Using 302-310
 Data Mining
 Neha Sharma and Hari Om

    34.  Design and Analysis of Dual-Band C-Shaped Microstrip Patch Antenna 311-317
 Amit Kumar Gupta, R. K. Prasad, D. K. Srivastava

    35.  Scalable Parallel Counter Architecture based on State Look-Ahead 318-323
 Kumari Arati and Suganya. S

    36.  Future Aspects Solar Panel Installation on Closed Landfills 324-332
 Prajnasmita Mohapatra, S. M. Ali, Sthita Prajna Mishra, Arjyadhara Pradhan

    37.  Geothermal Energy: New Prospects 333-340
 Vinay Kakkar, Nirmal Kr. Agarwal and Narendra Kumar

    38.  Experimental investigation on the Performance and Emission 341-353
 Characteristics of a Diesel Engine Fuelled with Ethanol, Diesel and
 Jatropha based Biodiesel Blends
 Shyam Pandey, Amit Sharma, P. K. Sahoo

    39.  Semantic Information Retrieval using Ontology and SPARQL for Cricket 354-363
 S. M. Patil, D. M. Jadhav

    40.  Computational Approach to Count Bacterial Colonies 364-372
 Navneet Kaur Uppal, Raman Goyal

    41.  Designing for Construction Workers’ Safety 373-382
 Zahra Jabbarani Torghabeh, Seyyed Shahab Hosseinian

    42.  Learners’ Performance Evaluation and Knowledge Extracting 383-391
 using Ontological Reasoning
 Sami A. M. Al-Radaei, R. B. Mishra

    43.  A Biological Approach to Enhance Strength and Durability in Concrete 392-399
 Srinivasa Reddy V., Achyutha Satya K., Seshagiri Rao M. V., Azmatunnisa M.

    44.  A Template System Perspective to Faster, Lower Cost and Quality Web 400-404
 Application Development
 Udai Arora

    45.  Defensive Measures for Topology Maintenance Protocols 405-414
 Barigala Lydia Sravanthi, Yaramati Sarada Devi, Pulabam Soujanya, T. Dharma Reddy

    46.  Improving the Efficiency of Clustering by using an Enhanced 415-424
 Clustering Methodology
 Bikram Keshari Mishra, Nihar Ranjan Nayak, Amiya Kumar Rath, Sagarika Swain

    47.  An Inverted Sine PWM Scheme for New Eleven Level Inverter Topology 425-433
 Surya Suresh Kota and M. Vishnu Prasad Muddineni

    48.  Performance Analysis of New Low Complexity Signum Algorithms 434-443
 for Beam Formation
 Kishore M., Ashwini V. R. Holla, H. M. Guruprasad, Ramesh K.

    49.  A Layered Approach to Enhance Detection of Novel Attacks in IDS 444-455
 Neelam Sharma, Saurabh Mukherjee

    50.  A Study on Authenticated Admittance of ATM Clients using Biometrics 456-463
 based Cryptosystem
 M. Subha and S. Vanithaasri

    51.  A Novel Design for Highly Compact Low Power Area Efficient 1-Bit 464-473
 Full Adders
 Shamima Khatoon

    52.  Language Learning and Translation with Ubiquitous Application Through 474-481
 Statistical Machine Translation Approach
 Sandeep R. Warhade, Prakash R. Devale and S. H. Patil

    53.  Dual Tree Complex Wavelet Transform for Digital Watermarking 482-492
 Jayavani Adabala and K. Naga Prakash

    54.  Low Cost Broadband Circular Patch Microstrip Antenna using IDMA 493-501
 Dushyant Singh, P. K. Singhal and Rakesh Singhai

    55.  Acoustic Noise Cancellation using Robust RLS Algorithm: A Comparative 502-507
 Result Analysis
 A. Agarwal, P. Shukla

    56.  SAR Image Classification using Fuzzy C-Means 508-512
 Debabrata Samanta, Goutam Sanyal

    57.  Performance Analysis of Two Hops Amplify and Forward Relay Based 513-523
 System for OFDM and Single Carrier Communications
 Mohammad Masum Billah, Kyung Sup Kwak

    58.  BER Analysis of Minimum and Maximum Power Adaptation Methods 524-532
 using HAAR Wavelet Image Transmission using BPSK Modulation
 M. Padmaja, P. Satyanarayana, K. Prasuna

    59.  The Project of Rescue and Relief Depots Package in Natural Disasters 533-537

 Masood Rahimi, Saied Ijadi and Ali Sahebi

    60.  Influence of Fly Ash and Densified Silica Fume as Additives on 538-546
 Mechanical Properties of Coir Fiber Reinforced High-Strength Concrete
 Sara Soleimanzadeh and Md Azree Othuman Mydin

    61.  Enhanced AES Algorithm for Strong Encryption 547-553
 V. Sumathy & C. Navaneethan

    62.  Grid Code Maintenance when Wind DG Integrates with the Grid using 554-563


 Surekha Manoj and P. S. Puttaswamy

    63.  A Review on Supply of Power to Nanorobots used in Nanomedicine 564-571

 Kailash Chandra Mishra
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