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 Article #	Article Title & Authors (Volume 6 Issue 1, March-2013)             				Page

Volume 6 Issue 1


A Study on Assessment & Evaluation of Engineering Students’ Learning by Essay Test based on the 1-11

Cognitive Domain of Bloom’s

Md. Abu Raihan, Rashedul Huq Shamim, Che Kum Clement & Han Seung Lock


Subsurface Imaging Analysis for Multiple Dielectric Objects buried under Homogenous Ground 12-20

Esin Karpat


Effect of Injection Timing and Injection Pressure on a Single Cylinder Diesel Engine for Better Performance 21-34

and Emission Characteristics for Jatropa Bio Diesel in Single and Dual Fuel Mode with CNG

Meyyappan Venkatesan


Optimum Learning Rate for Classification Problem with MLP in Data Mining 35-44

Lalitha Saroja Thota1 and Suresh Babu Changalasetty


Heated Plate Temperature Measurement using Electronic Speckle Pattern Interferomery 45-52

Salah Darfi, Said Rachafi


MV Electrical Network Maintenance Strategy: A New Management Approach ## 53-67

Mahmoudi Morad, El Barkany Abdellah, El Khalfi Ahmed


Assessment of the Roles of Various Cement Replacements in Achieving the Sustainable and High 68-77

Performance Concrete

Mojtaba Valinejad Shoubi, Azin Shakiba Barough, Omidreza Amirsoleimani


New System of Chaotic Signal Generation based on Coupling Coefficients Applied to an Add/Drop System 78-87

I. S. Amiri, A. Nikoukar, J. Ali


Efficient Image Compression Technique using Full, Column and Row Transforms on Colour Image 88-100

H. B. Kekre, Tanuja Sarode and Prachi Natu


Electrical and Thermal Characterization of Multilayer Structure Devices for Fast PC Implementation 101-113

Roberto Marani and Anna Gina Perri


Artificial Neural Network Approach for Modeling of Adsorption of Ni (II) and Cr (VI) Ions Simultaneously 114-127

Present in Aqueous Solution  using Adsorbent Synthesized from Aegel Marmelos Fruit Shell and Syzygium

Cumini Seed

S. L. Pandharipande, Aarti R. Deshmukh


Equilibrium Isotherm Analysis of the Biosorption of Zn2+ Ions by Acid Treated Zea Mays Leaf Powder 128-139

Nharingo Tichaona and Hunga Olindah


Robust LDP Based Face Descriptor 140-147

Mahadeo D. Narlawar and Jaideep G. Rana


Developing an Empirical Relationship to Predict the Fracture Length in Hydro Fracturing Process 148-157

B.Guruprasad, A.Ragupathy, T.S.Badrinarayanan


Comparative Study on Data Encryption Standard Using Differential Cryptanalysis and Linear Cryptanalysis  158-164

Rajashekarappa, K M Sunjiv Soyjaudah, and Sumithra Devi K A


Analysis of Data Rate Trade Off of UWB Communication Systems 165-171

Rajesh Thakare and Kishore Kulat


Design of Low Power and High Speed BEC 2248 Efficient Novel Carry Select Adder 172-178

Sakshi Rajput, Gitanjali, Priya Sharma and Garima


Explicit Solution of Burgers’ and Generalized Burgers’ Equation using Homotopy Perturbation Method  179-188

Miral Bhagat, P. H. Bhathawala and Kaushal Patel


Studying the Efficacy of Road Disturbance Amplitude and Speed Increasing on Performance of Semi 189-201

active Suspension System

Mohammad Zehsaz, Morteza Saeidi Javash


Bio Mineralisation of Calcium Carbonate by Different Bacterial Strains and their Application in Concrete 202-213

Crack Remediation

Jagadeesha Kumar B G, R Prabhakara, Pushpa H


Characterization of Incinerated Medical Waste Residues using Batch Leaching 214-224

N.Nagendra Gandhi, P.Arunraj, and R.ThirumalaiKumar


Segmentation of Images using Histogram based FCM Clustering Algorithm and Spatial Probability 225-231

Meenakshi M. Devikar and Mahesh Kumar Jha


Ergonomics Principles and utilizing it as a Remedy for Probable Work Related Injuries in Construction 232-245


Mojtaba Valinejad Shoubi, Azin Shakiba Barough, Amin Rasoulijavaheri


Power Efficient Design of Multiplexer using Adiabatic Logic 246-254

Richa Singh and Rajesh Mehra


Query Processing by using Virtual Query Engine Tool 255-263

Priti Kishor Doad and Satish Jaykrishna Alaspurkar


Secure Partial Image Encryption Scheme Using Scan Based Algorithm 264-273

Parameshachari B D, K. M. Sunjiv Soyjaudah and Sumithra Devi K A


Novel Transformed Block Based Information Hiding using Cosine, Sine, Hartley, Walsh and Haar Transforms 274-281

H. B. Kekre, Sudeep D. Thepade, Ratnesh N. Chaturvedi


Cost Analysis of Handover Manager Based Handover Method in LEO Satellite Networks 282-290

Sunman Kumar Sikdar, Uttam Kumar Kundu, Debabrata Sarddar


Application of Multimode Matrix Converter for Washing Machine 291-297

Sanjay Mohite, Narayan Pisharoty


Studies on the Growth Aspects of Semi-Organic Ammonium Borodilactate: A Promising New NLO Crystal 298-303

T. Panchanathan, S. Nalini Jayanthi, P.Sagayaraj, K. Thamizharasan


Analysis of Photovoltaic Cells with Closed Loop Boost Converter 304-315

Rikesh Singh and Moumi Pandit


BER Performance of OFDM System with Cyclic Prefix & Zero Padding 316-324

Prafulla.D.Gawande and Sirddharth.A.Ladhake


Design and Implementation of Intelligent Controller for a Continuous Stirred Tank Reactor System using 325-335

Genetic Algorithm

Yogesh Chaudhari


Design & Development of Nanoelectronic AOI & OAI Devices based on CMOS and QCA (Quantum-Dot 336-345

Cellular Automata) Nanotechnology

S. Devendra K. Verma & P. K. Barhai


T-Matched Dipole tag Antenna for UHF RFID Applications 346-352

F.Z. Marouf, D. Ziani.K, N. Hassaine-Seladji, F.T. Bendimerad


An Efficient Resource Allocation Technique for Uniprocessor System 353-360

Botlagunta Madhavi Devi, Smriti Agrawal, Chennupalli Srinivasulu


Review on Various Security Threats & Solutions and Network Coding based Security Approach for VANET 361-369

Jitendra Bhatia and Bhumit Shah


A Survey on Energy Efficient Routing Protocols for MANET 370-380

N.Yuvaraj, A.Sunitha Nandhini, P. Vivekanandan


Electrostatic Field Based Reliable Routing in Wireless Sensor Networks Using Vector Method 381-391

Bappaditya Das, Utpal Biswas, Debabrata Sarddar


High Level Modeling in Optoelectronic Systems: Transmission Line Application 392-404

Fatima Zohra Baouche, Farida Hobar, Yannick Hervé


A new Algorithm for Classification of Tropical Convective Precipitating Clouds over North-Eastern region 405-414

of India

S. Balaji Kumar, K.Krishna Reddy, U.V.Murali Krishna and  H.G.Pathak


Conventional Dynamic Voltage Restorer (DVR) for Mitigation of Voltage Sag in Power Distribution Systems 415-425

Shazly A. Mohammed, Aurelio G. Cerrada, Abdel-Moamen M. A, B. Hasanin


Fuzzy C-means Clustering Based Prefetching to Reduce Web Traffic 426-435

Neha Sharma and Sanjay Kumar Dubey


Minimization of mobility management cost in LEO Satellite Using Translation of Coordinates 436-450


Suman Kumar Sikdar,  Pijush Kanti Kumar, Debabrata Sarddar


A Modified Ground Plane Dual Band Compact Planar Antenna for Wimax Applications 451-459

Dharvendra P Yadav, Pankaj K Keshari


Equivalent Circuit Model of Semiconductor Lasers Taking Account of Gain Suppression 460-470

Kambiz Abedi and Mohsen Khanzadeh


The Amazing Digital Gloves that Give Voice to the Voiceless 471-480


Praveenkumar S Havalagi, Shruti.G.Hatti


An Energy Efficient Control Strategy for Induction Machines based on Advanced Particle Swarm 481-497

Optimisation Algorithms

Duy C. Huynh and Matthew W. Dunnigan


Design of a Photoneutron Source Based on a 10 MeV Circe III Electron Linac 498-503

Riadh Mbarek, Amor Brahim, Hassen Jallouli and Adel Trabelsi


Dominant Color Based Extraction of Key Frames for Sports Video Summarization 504-512

Sudhir S. Kanade and P. M. Patil


Optimal Design and Analysis of a Chemical Process Control System 513-519

Ashis Kumar Das


Design and Analysis of Dual-Band    - Shaped Microstrip Patch Antenna 520-526

Diwakar Singh, Amit Kumar Gupta, R. K. Prasad


New approach to understand Marine Boundary Layer characteristics during different Monsoon Regimes 527-535

over Palau in Pacific Ocean

U. V. Murali Krishna, K. Krishna Reddy, S. Venkata Raju and Ryuichi Shirooka


Circuit Partitioning in VLSI Design: An Ant Colony Optimization Approach 536-541

Manoj Arora and Girish Chander Lall


Experimental Procedures on an Approach to the Air Heat Transfer Process through the Pipeline 542-550

Khashayar Teimoori, Shahram Shahroodi and Ali Sahebi


The Effect of Divergent Jet Nozzle on Yarn Properties in Ring Spinning System** 551-555

Guocheng Zhu, Yan wang, Sayed Ibrahim, Dana Kremenakova


Hybrid Distributed Predictive Target Tracking Algorithm in Wireless Sensor Networks based on Clustering** 556-564

Mahsa Ghasembaglou and Abolfazl Toroghi Haghighat


Optimal Placement of Distribution Generation in Radial Distribution System** 565-572

K. Sandhya, A. Jayalaxmi, M. P. Soni


A Study on Efficiency of Resource Allocation (Guaranteeing QoS) in GSM/GPRS Networks 573-583

Himanshu D. Nayak

## Withdrawn by Author

**All documents not received from author